More locos

Photos of:

1. Tillig BR 218 217-8 TEE Ep. IV DB (02702).

2. JATT E18 35 Blue Ep. III DB (11802).

3. Tillig BR 112 312-4 Ep. IV DB (from TEE Set 1: 01478).










Welcome All TT Scale Modellers

Welcome to my ttscale web space. Just registered for this web space on 7 January 2012. Will use it to keep ‘track’ of the construction of a TT scale layout in my loft. I will also use the site to organise different information on TT scale modelling that I am collecting.

Update (Dec 19th 2012): Significant update to the ‘Links’ page.

Update (Feb 28th 2012): Added a ‘Links’ page and some links. More to follow.

Update (Feb 28th 2012): Added ‘Layout’ and ‘Progress’ pages. Added a photo of tentative layout plan on ‘Layout’ page.

Update (Apr 27th 2012): Added photo to ‘Layout’ and ‘Progress’ pages. Added some links to the ‘Links’ page.

Update (June 18th 2012): Added  photo to ‘Layout’ page.

Favorite loco

I will only post photos of locos I have myself. One of my favorite locos is BR212 (V100) Diesel – epoche IV. I didn’t yet attach the little extra bits that came with the loco … steps, handlebars etc. Manufacturer is Modist (model no. 120104). Click photo for a larger version.